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Web Design Tips to Revamp Your Company Site

Revamping your website is a good way to attract more customers, enhance the experience of the customers and increase conversion rates. If your website is unattractive and takes longer to navigate on the web pages, you should consider revamping it before your customers go away. To revamp your website, you need to come up with ways that can help improve the overall functions of your site. However, if revamping is not done correctly, it can cause you your web traffic, costs and time. Therefore, read on for our web design tips for a company website.

1. Analyse the old website

Before you revamp your website, you should perform an audit of the old website. You should spend time surfing on the web pages as a customer. It will help you to identify the problems that your visitors encounter while at your website and how to rectify on them. You should list down these problems so that you do not forget any of them. After you revamp, your visitors experience on your website will be enhanced, and conversion rates will increase.

2. Change the colours and design of each page

One of the changes you need to make while revamping your website is the colour. Visitors to your website may get bored with the same colour on all pages. You should ensure that each page has a different colour. When changing the colours make sure they are not too bright or too dull. Select the colours that match your brand. With design, you should come up with a new design. New designs on the website are an indication that the site is well maintained.

3. Update the contact information

If you have mentioned your company’s contact details, make sure they are up to date. You can add the new contacts or remove the contacts that are no longer in use. When you have updated contact details on your website, it increases the legitimacy of your website and brand. Visitors get disappointed when there are no contact details provided on the site, or the contacts are incorrect.

4. Re-organize the pages

As time goes, some pages will become unnecessary for the visitors. You should remove them or add new information about them. The pages should be uniform and professional. You can consider changing the font size to ensure that everything is readable. The first page is essential as it creates the first impression of the visitor. Make sure that it is attractive and portrays the image of your company.

5. Change the images

You should include images that are real and those that match your brand. You should also consider using images that match the message you want to pass to your audience. Make sure that the images are not so many as the visitors may get bored.

Once you understand the areas that need improvement, revamping your website will not be a daunting task. You can find a professional web design company to revamp your website. Make sure that you inform them about your priorities before they start revamping.