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Is Blogging Worth the Time Drain for a Small Business Owner?

Blogging is an effective way of promoting your business online, says Paul McNiff from the Cheeky Monkey SEO agency. It is one of the essential online marketing tools that every business should have. If you do not have a business blog, you are missing out important opportunities for your business, and you should get started as soon as possible. Some business owners especially those with small businesses are hesitant to engage in blogging as they are not sure of the outcome. They are often faced with the question; Is blogging worth the time investment? The answer to this question is yes, as explained below.

1. Blogging builds your online credibility

A small business may not have built their credibility yet to their customers as compared to large organizations. When you start blogging for your small business and engage in ideas that help consumers, you will enhance the credibility of your business. Blogging gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise in the industry by sharing quality information on a particular topic. Over time, customers will turn to your business whenever they need a certain product or service.

2. Blogging attracts your target audience

When you start blogging, you will reach your target audience and turn them to customers. With blogs, you can highlight the challenges that are faced by your target audience and how your business can help them solve those problems. Before blogging, ensure that you research about the issues that affect your target audience and how they can be solved. You can also use links in your blogs that will direct your customers to your website or social media accounts. Once a potential customer clicks on these links they will be directed to your website, and most of them will make a purchase.

3. Blogging will boost your website traffic

Website traffic is one of the reasons why blogging is worth your time as a small business owner. Today, with the digital world, websites have become a necessity for every business. Your small business cannot grow without web traffic. Once your potential customers read your blogs, most of them will go to your website and purchase a product from there. Therefore, the more the web traffic, the more the sales you make. Research has indicated that most small business owners who started blogging have increased their sales by a great margin.

4. Blogging is easy

Most small business owners think that blogging is difficult and requires a lot of investment which they cannot afford. You do not have to be a professional or experienced blogger to start a blog for your small business. Today, there are user-friendly platforms that one can start blogging with no need for training.
Many benefits are associated with blogging for a small business. A successful blog will require your time, patience and consistency. It allows you to have direct contact with your potential customers through comments and questions. Therefore, for small business owners, blogging is worth the time drain, and with time, your business will start reaping the success that comes with blogging.